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Daily Activities

Student wearing chef costume while baking at Laugh and Learn Academy Child Care
Spider Craft made at Laugh & Learn Academy's Home Daycare
Fourth of July Craft Project made by students at Laugh & Learn Academy Houlton
Students outside painting on giant easel at Laugh & Learn Academy Houlton childcare

We utilize a Play-based Thematic Reggio Emilia curriculum approach using the MELDS and IT MELDS as guidance

Education is a big part of our program. Each week we will have a new topic (i.e. the five senses, gardening, Dr. Suess etc.). We also read several times a day. While we pick the topics, we like child lead learning and focusing on subjects that kids have shown interest in. If you ever see that your child is particularly interested in something feel free to suggest it! Our goal is to set your child up for educational success! 

Colorful wheel with 8 domains of curriculum learning
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